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In the News: Block Club Chicago

Jake Wittich


Chicago, IL, USA


Evoke, an emerging creative hub on the Northwest Side, was recently featured in Block Club Chicago in an insightful article by Jake Wittich. The piece highlights the launch of Evoke at 3304 N. Knox Ave., a studio dedicated to becoming a cultural epicenter for galleries, events, and more. Co-founders Hex Parsons and Fabian Sotelo, motivated by their experiences in public art programs, have opened this space to foster creativity and community engagement.

The studio, spanning 4,000 square feet, is designed with versatility in mind, hosting a variety of artistic expressions. Currently, it showcases work by Jeff Rivers as part of an upcoming show curated by Ayrika Hall, that explores themes of isolation and empowerment, especially reflecting the African American artistic experience.

The article beautifully captures Evoke’s mission to serve as a cultural incubator, with plans to offer workshops, open studios, and programs that nurture artistic collaboration and community building. For a detailed look into Evoke's vision and offerings, Jake Wittich's feature in Block Club Chicago is a must-read, showcasing how art and community come together to create something truly special.

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